Going Serverless Zeit

Continuing from my previous post.

I want to focus on a few serverless providers, the first one being Zeit.

Zeit is different to the other Cloud Providers (like Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services AWS), as its a company that works across different provides to provide a global platform.

Their now platform is a really cool take on the serverless offering, letting you deploy in seconds (like now…) 😂.

Deploying both web sites and services in seconds to their global platform. ITs super easy to get started and their docs are pretty great at the basics.

They also do some amazing open source work, including Next.js for server rendering react applications and NCC which is effectively Webpack style compiler for Node.js applications, so that you only ship code you actually use, this is awesome for serverless applications where any extra code impacts your cold start up times and performance.

I’ve used this myself on my side project and seen a noticeable size different between shipping my application normally node modules and all, and after compiling it with NCC.

They also offer domain registration and a CDN as well as a serverless service. Their pricing structure is amazing too! They offer so much totally FREE! https://zeit.co/pricing

The only downsides I found was their logging and monitoring offering didn’t feel as mature and slick as some of the other cloud offerings.

On a different note, they also have loads of resources for anyone interested in design including opening up thier design guide publicly, check it out here https://zeit.co/design

Definitely worth checking out for side projects and start ups, larger enterprise work might need more convincing (but then there is the super cheap pricing) 😉

Let me know how you get on!

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